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President's Letter

Hi NACE Community,
I hope you are all remaining strong during this difficult time.  With the ever changing mandates, press releases and disappointing events that have been affecting our community, we want you to know that we remain here for you.  It is hard to believe the last time we all met in person was almost 4 months ago.  
I hope you were able to join us virtually with the other Texas Chapters and Rachel Sheerin in April, where she discussed Embracing the Unknown and motivated us to see the positive in these uncertain times.
If you weren't able to join us in May for our Virtual Trivia Happy Hour, stay tuned for our next Trivia date.
Although we had to postpone our in person meeting for June featuring Jose Rolon discussing Work Life Balance, we will be hosting a virtual meeting with Jose on July 21st with discounted tickets and open to the entire catering and events professional industry. See more and register below!
​We look forward to collaborating with our partners, ILEA Austin on some upcoming events for the fall, whether it be virtually or in person.  More details to come.
Although the National Experience Conference was postponed and we will not be able to attend in person, we are hoping to host a virtual Watch Party.  Just because we have to enjoy our nominations from home, doesn't mean we can't be dressed to the nine and sipping our favorite cocktails while celebrating the best in our industry.​ More info to come on that soon! We are honored to be nominated and are proud of our members who are also nominated for individual awards!
If you did not receive the emails, please send us any promotions or services you are offering at this time, so that we can promote through our Facebook Page.  
We look forward to connecting with you any way we can and cannot wait to see all your smiling faces again!

-Heather Hartzog, President

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Calendar of Events

I think we can all agree that 2020 hasn't been going quite as planned. We're trying to make the best of a difficult situation and still do our best to support our chapter membership in the meantime. 

Please note that we are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic carefully and that the plans for the rest of the year are subject to change at any moment. We hope that we do not need to cancel or postpone any additional meetings this year, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that at this time. The safety and wellbeing of our members will always be our top concern so please bear with us as we continue the rest of the year.

We'd also love your input! Please take our short survey to provide your feedback on how we can make you most comfortable at our programs for the rest of the year!

Things have changed a bit, so get out your calendars and get ready to make some updates! Everything listed here is still subject to change due to COVID but this is what we are hoping to have in the works for you!

JULY - Virtual Event - Speaker Jose Rolon (Tuesday, July 21st (12:30pm-1:45pm)
Registration is now open, at only $10 per ticket, and is open to anyone, member or not, and the entire events and catering industry at large! If you know anyone who might be interested, please feel free to share!

AUGUST - Trivia Happy Hour - Collaboration with ILEA (date TBD)
We had not intended to have a program in August, however due to the NACE National conference being postponed, we will be working to put together a program for you!

SEPTEMBER - Virtual Event - Collaboration with ILEA (date TBD)
We have postponed our annual fundraiser that was to take place on September 10th to November 10th instead so we are working to create a program for September as well! Stay tuned!

OCTOBER - (Unchanged) Trade Show Success (10/13 at Balcones Country Club)

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NACE One Awards

Even though NACE National has opted to postpone the Experience conference to 2021, we are still looking forward to celebrating the NACE One Awards!!

NACE Austin was nominated for FOUR awards as a chapter: Chapter of the Year, Chapter Program of the Year, Education Program of the Year, and Community Service Event of the Year.

Additionally, two of our chapter members are up for awards as well!!

Congratulations to Brianne Mouton, CPCE, CMP, of Beautiful Moments Weddings & Events for her NACE One Event Production of the Year nomination for her Ancient Worlds - Myths and Heroes event!

Congratulations to Gayle Stallings of FUNAuctions, who has been nominated for the NACE One Emerging Member of the Year award! We're so lucky to have you as a member of NACE Austin, Gayle! 

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Cause of the Quarter

Thank you to everyone who donated to our most recent Cause of the Quarter, Red River Cultural District! Our community is still reeling from the impact of event cancellations due to COVID-19. So please consider continuing to support our local causes.

In June we did an extra little giving! Due to generous donations made by our community, members and guests we were able to donate 30 boxed lunches to Caritas of Austin to help support their organization and efforts! 

In this trying time for our industry professionals and community we have decided to dedicate two quarters of donations to one of our annual Causes of the Quarter, B.I.G. Love Cancer Care. While we know circumstances may be challenging for our members at this time, we hope that you will consider supporting a cause that is so close to our heart. In these uncertain times, all contributions are appreciated and aid in our ability to continue the philanthropic spirit in which our organization is built!

We will be sharing more ways to get involved and we'll be accepting donations for the next 6 months that will go towards our big holiday gifting for the kids, teens, and their families, and hopefully a few extras along the way. 

You can always make a donation during meeting registration, or at any time through our Cause of the Quarter page!

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Welcome New Members!

Make sure to introduce yourself to our newest members our next meeting!

Gary Jones, GreenDot, San Antonio, TX
Laura Hauk, Raise Your Hand Texas
Skyler Ireland, Surefire Event Staffing, San Antonio

We're so excited for you all to join our NACE Austin family! #GrowwithNACEAustin

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Guest Article

Making plans and setting expectations for a world beyond these recent horrific months requires making bold assumptions and careful preparations for potential Post-COVID 19 hospitality and events industry realities. Because the alternatives are simply unthinkable, let’s proceed with the hope and belief that, in the coming months, our clients and customers we will be both free and unafraid to host weddings, parties and special events. Let’s also surmise that, in and around our communities, varying gathering-size restrictions and social distancing protocols will be in place (with or without mandatory masks). Unfettered gathering options are highly unlikely.

We know that, in these circumstances, our clients and customers will turn to reliable, trusted advisors to help them and their guests celebrate as safely, and as responsibly, as possible. The good news is that we, and fellow NACE members across the country, are the very experts a wary public is seeking. Our member’s NACE affiliation, along with clients and customers past positive experiences with each of our individual brands, have positioned us all to rise quickly. When the tide of optomisim begins to roll in, the level of success we, our businesses and our brands were enjoying before the COVID-tsunami can once again be achieved.

If all goes well, our industry as a whole, so hard-hit in recent months, could be in for twelve to 18 (that’s the projection I’m seeing in print and online) very busy wedding and event months. Beginning this fall, and continuing through 2021,  those of us who weather the current storm may have unprecedented opportunities.

As helpful professionals, we know that, regardless of the specifics, generally, we’ll need to be more adaptable, more agile and more creative. With or without COVID, new and possibly unforseen challenges may continue to arise. I have faith we’re all up to the task. I’m confident we’ll embrace a future, that while sure-to-be different from the past, is no less fulfilling. If we carefully control our expenditures and make wise fiscal choices, we can be equally profitable as well. I have faith in you all, and wish only the best for you.

Delores Crum, President of Premiere Events

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The Amazing NACE Annual Fundraiser!

While you still have your calendar out, we are so sad to announce that we've decided to postpone our annual fundraiser, The Amazing NACE: Over the Rainbow to 2021.

We have been putting so much work into creating this amazing event and chapter fundraiser for you, but feel that it is in everyone's best interests to postpone until next year due to the current health crisis and taking into account the financial hit many of our committed and would-be sponsors have taken in their businesses this year.

We anticipate that we'll be doing some mini-fundraisers to support the chapter and our Cause of the Quarter over the next six months, so please stay tuned for more info!

Lastly, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on last year's fundraiser and express our gratitude for our biggest NACE supporters. We do not take you for granted and certainly won't in the future either!

2019 Lion Sponsor: Texas Wedding Guide

2021 Sponsors: Springdale Station

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